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Dear Dr, Aaron,

I’m not sure you can help, but I keep seeing television commercials about vitamins and supplements, and I am interested. Fatigue, low energy, joint pains, I have all of the symptoms and if these products do what they say I sure would be happy. I was at a local big box store browsing, and my wife pulled me away from the refrigerated section refusing to believe beer has the vitamins I need, and took me over to the pharmacy area. Vitamins a,b,c,d,l,m,n,o,p All I can think of was SCAM!!!! What is the deal? Some were $29.00 and others upward of $90.00 I remember from childhood hearing carrots give you good eyesight- vitamin A, I ate every carrot I could find only to get my new spectacles at age 8. Another scam! What about those delicious kid’s vitamins I remember taking? Straight out of Bedrock – Did the cavemen have better vitamins than we do now? Oh, and another thing, can you overdose on vitamins? What happens if I take too much vitamin C? Will it cause canker sores? So many Questions!!

I want to feel good both physically and mentally about my purchases concerning my health, do you offer any advice on choosing one over another?

Thank you,

Vitaminized in Osage Beach

P.S. My wife is still not convinced L I T E are the right vitamins

Dear Vitaminized,

Your concerns made want to say Yabba Dabba OOOOOOOHH they are both valid and justified. I am not convinced that the L I T E vitamins are the answer, but I might compliment your taste. Choosing what medicines go in to your body is probably best left to a conversation between you and a doctor. Like a medically trained person. My grandpa used to say “you don’t go to a dentist to get your toe fixed!” and I wasn’t sure what he meant until I matured a little. It is the same with our joint health, it might be better to talk to me, than trust an actor in a white coat on TV or even a cartoon character. All supplements and vitamins are not created equally. When researching your questions, I found this: With general retail supplements, we are unsure of where their raw materials come from or if they are what they say they are. A.G. Schneiderman Asks Major Retailers To Halt Sales Of Certain Herbal Supplements As DNA Tests Fail To Detect Plant Materials Listed On Majority Of Products Tested | New York State Attorney General ( This is a link that discusses products being pulled from the shelves in major box stores because they failed quality testing that was looking at whether these products indeed had the ingredients they claimed were in there. Nearly 80% failed. I have chosen to use Ortho Molecular Products myself, and have had good experiences using it with my patients. On you next visit we can talk about what might be a good fit for you!

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

P.S. If you vitaminize with the L I T E, let someone else drive!!

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