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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and well! It isn’t often I have the nerve to ask for advice when it is me, who has not been wise with decision making. My wife is really into Christmas and all the decorating that goes along with it. Real Christmas trees seem like a good idea, until you go to purchase one. Most consider me to be a bit on the “less of a spender “side of life, my wife calls me a cheapskate. I noticed the high price of trees this year and hatched a brilliant idea. With the permission of a family friend, I took my wife and 3 children (all under the age of 10) on “The Great Christmas Tree Hunt” armed with a small bow saw and some Kleenex for runny noses we drove two hours to the farm. Everyone was in pretty good spirits, singing Christmas songs an arguing over my made-up lyrics, and only stopping for 3 potty breaks. I was basking in the family time and feeling pretty good about myself.

As we entered the driveway my wife spotted the perfect tree and became very excited. I made the declaration “Lets go get us that tree!” To my calibrated eye, the tree looked to be about 400 yards from the driveway. Off we went, my calibrated eye might need re-calibrated, or I am way out of shape. About 50 minutes later, “exactly 52 minutes” my nine-year-old time keeper reported, we finally got to the tree. My 4-year-old was in awe of the beauty, my wife was practically crying with joy, I was breathless from carrying a little one and walking more than across the room to get a drink. Without much delay I set to work with my little bow saw and we all yelled the required “TIMBER” as it fell. All was perfect in the world. Happy wife, kids and I saved a couple bucks. Dragging the tree back to the car wasn’t too bad, loading it on top, went okay. But when we got home the story changed. It was much warmer when we got home and everyone was cranky, including me. One of the kids used my gloves as tissue and as I grabbed the tree, I realized it was a little sticky. I got it up off the car and saw the sap all over. I got the tree into the house and set it up, telling my wife I had done my part it was her turn to decorate. I headed to the car wash. 43.00 in chemicals and it still isn’t perfect but better, my neck and back feel like partially frozen chicken gizzards, my insurance does not cover chiropractic, can you help?

Thank you,

Almost Clark Griswald

Dear Almost Clark,

It seems like your Christmas adventure was full of memories and those are not replaceable. Good for you and your family for doing family things, we need more of those activities and memories being made. I see patients everyday who are without insurance, while I may not be free like the friends family farm, I am sensitive to our economic climate and feel like I am very reasonable. Looking forward to seeing you and a picture of the tree!

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

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