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Dear Dr. Aaron,

Spring arriving motivated me to get out side and begin getting my garden prepped for an incredible summer. I decided to do a little raking, I got a little carried away and 5 hours later my back started getting stiff, this morning I cannot hardly walk. Do you do same day appointments? All winter I refinish furniture and every spring I garden. My husband fancy’s himself a real comedian- he tells everyone who will listen than I’m a stripper all winter and in the spring I’m the best hoe’r there is. It is a trip to the hospital for the funny guy if he gets a sniffle, but he thinks I am a little dramatic… please help, today…?

Thank you,

An old stripper / Hoe’r in Osage Beach

Dear H…. uh hurt in Osage Beach

It is obvious your husband is very proud of you! It sounds like you have a great relationship. We do our best to accommodate hurting customers, it isn’t always possible, call and lets see if we can get you fixed up. I admire your patience; I cannot picture myself as a stripper or Hoe’r! Stay active and enjoy spring!

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

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