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Dear Dr. Aaron,

My husband is convinced he can fix his back by using his DIY inversion contraption. Is this even possible? He used the winch and gambrel from his deer hunting equipment and some leg straps from a tree climbing friend, and he wants me to crank the winch so he can hang upside down like a redneck Batman. If you think it will help him, I might agree to assist him, but someone needs to watch the kids! How long should he hang by his heels? This whole thing seems as if it might interfere with my tv shows.

Dear Devoted TV fan,

While some home remedies have been effective for some, most medical treatments are best left to professionals. YouTube doctors and specialists have a wide range of techniques and are at a disadvantage when diagnosing and treating patients they cannot see or communicate with. Make an appointment and we will evaluate your husbands hunting gear, it is likely he is in need of a few upgrades…

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