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Dear Dr. Aaron,

Long time follower, first time questioner! My husband considers himself an expert outdoorsman and hunter-gatherer. I am always impressed with his stories and up until turkey season he always brought home a trophy. This year his outdoorsmanship is catching up with him and he refuses to admit glasses would be advantageous and a chiropractic adjustment would do him some good. His ‘trophy’ this season was about 75% the size of his first season and he swears his calibrated arm proves this is his biggest bird yet! I love him dearly; do you think maybe an adjustment might recalibrate his super power of weighing birds with a simple 3 second hold? Please give me a tip or two to help me persuade him to visit you!

Thank you,

Half a bird shy of Thanksgiving dinner

Dear Shy One,

Obviously, I’m an advocate for chiropractic treatment and total wellness, but this is one instance where I have to take your husbands side. A true hunter-gatherer spends time in nature learning and earning their skills. It is not for me to determine another sportsman’s level of accuracy, whether it be the weight of a bird or the length of a fish. I too have been able to earn a degree of “expertness’ when hunting and fishing, and I am pretty sure my early winter crappie was a state record fish, if I wouldn’t have had numb fingers, I could have held him long enough for a picture or maybe even an official weigh-in… It sounds as if you two have a great relationship and he is still trying to impress you! Let him!! I hope to meet both of you, ask him to bring you to an appointment and I am positive we can share some good hunting stories!

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

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