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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I really enjoy reading your advice, tips and techniques, several of my friends have had great success with your treatments. I have a very personal situation I’m hoping you can help with. I cannot ask my friends for fear of ridicule. On the internet it says I have repetitive use issues, as embarrassing as it is, when I move my hips side to side for 8- 10 minutes everything is fine.. but when I start thrusting front to back for more than 5 minutes my hips feel as if they are going to lock up. I love the freedom and feelings from these exercises, and I know I might not be able to do this forever, but it just feels right, right now! Please help!

Thank you in advance,

Missouri Hulahooping Addict

Dear Hulahooping,

Hula hooping may become an Olympic sport some day! Be brave, be you, shake those hips when it feels right! I may or may not be a secret fan of hula hooping myself…. Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning is a great reference for tips:

Prevention tips for your hips

1. Maintain proper posture

2. Wear good arch supportive and cushioned shoes

3. Stretching is important

Static stretches – Forward lunge which focuses iliopsoas and rectus femoris Supine knee flex which focuses on the hip extensors (glut. Max and hamstrings)

Side quadriceps stretch which focuses on quadriceps and iliopsoas

Dynamic stretches – Lunge walk, lunge with overhead side reach and walking knee lift

4. Strengthening exercises can consist of squats (back and/or front) and leg press

5. Core strengthening exercises

6. Regular chiropractic treatment for the proper alignment of your bones, joints will allow the proper tension and stress on your muscle for them to react at their maximum potential.

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