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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I hope you can help me! I just turned 19 and came home from college to work and enjoy the lake this summer. Three years ago when we moved to the lake, My dad started teasing me about my long skinny toes. He made so many comments about fish mistaking them for worms, and it really grosses me out. I googled fish and feet and there are some really weird things in this world!!! I saw a video on the internet where a Chiropractor fixed someone’s toes by adjusting them, is that something you can do? Can you make my toes look less like fish bait? One of my girlfriends had really stinky feet and she had shots in her feet to make them less offensive.

Thank you,

Baitfeet in Brumley

Dear Baitfeet,

Sometimes dad’s use the sacred trust with their children to get them to be a little more wary of things they “hear”. Adjusting toes will not make them shorter. However, good foot health is the foundation for a healthy body! If you are worried about the fish, closed toe water shoes are very popular and may help your ‘grossed out” problem. For myself, I will wiggle anything I can to get the fish in the net!

Enjoy your summer,

Dr. Aaron

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