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Dear Dr. Aaron,

It’s the weekend, family time! Baseball with the kiddo’s floating in the lake, you know the All-American dream. Last weekend the game was so exciting I might have cheered a little too much and my lawn chair was not up to the task of supporting a real man size fan… (It Broke!!!) the other spectators did not even try to disguise their laughter as I hit the ground. I’m wanting a sturdy chair to support me in times of triumph and excitement and won’t kill my back. Can you make a recommendation? I already know about frequent standing, stretching, losing weight and exercise, I want to know what chair might be best?

Thank you,

Most Excited Superfan

Dear Most Excited,

It warms my heart to know you and your family are enjoying time together with good wholesome activities. Every child deserves a superfan. Every superfan deserves a chair they can count on. Hammacher Schlemmer (Guaranteeing the Best, the Only, and the Unexpected for 174 years.) Suggests The Generously Sized Zero Gravity Lounger- it employs the same supine seating posture developed by NASA to reduce stress on astronauts’ bodies during launch (139.00). I’m of the thought “if it is good enough for astronauts it is good enough for me. Water Safety- If you feel a shock swim away from the dock! And most important alcohol and water doesn’t mix! Be safe enjoy your family to infinity and beyond.

Stretch- take frequent breaks- come see me for an adjustment!

Always here for you,

Dr Aaron

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