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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I love horseback riding, after riding this weekend my back just doesn’t feel right. I am not sure if its from riding or after we finished, I was trying to take my boots off. The bench where I normally sit to take my boots off was full of cats. When I tried to sit down the cats wouldn’t move, I tried everything, including barking at them, no dice! With great reservation I decided to just test my balance and used the tip of one boot to start the removal process of the other. My balance is not what it used to be, the boot got stuck in my pants leg, I grabbed the boot and tried to pull it off. I was confident within 2-3 hops on one foot I would be free to put my foot down and be stable again. There I am hopping on one foot, pulling on the boot, cats watching in delight and it was then I realized the edge of the porch was much closer than anticipated. I landed in the gravel on my back, boot in hand, it was bittersweet. It is hard to celebrate the victory while laying on your back in the gravel and realizing the mail lady watched the entire event unfold… sorry to be so long winded, I just need to know how soon can I get an appointment?

Thank you, Cowboy Cat Grampa

Dear Cowboy,

When herding cats, it is best to use positive reinforcement (delicious treats). There are many hidden dangers associated with horseback riding. From personal experience, I might suggest eye protection (long story!) I am confident we can get you in right away for this emergency situation. Call now for your appointment.

Stay safe!

Dr, Aaron

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