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Dear Dr. Aaron,

My husband and I love your advice, and hope you might help us with an argument. My husband claims flip flops are way better for your feet because it’s like walking barefoot the way we are supposed to. I say good quality footwear that support your ankle are far superior to flip flops and he is using antiquated thinking to avoid having to tie his shoes! Last year he tried to convince me that beer and chicken wings are the best diet for his diabetes…. Oh! and me making him breakfast in bed every day is a key to the perfect marriage. I love him, but he really pushes my buttons, please explain how much more right I am than him!

Flippity Flop Wife

Dear Flippity,

Chicken wings and beer do sound delicious!!! The inherent danger of wearing flip flops while eating chicken wings is those stains from drops of hot sauce on your feet are a dead give away to all of your friends. There is much debate in the medical community about bare feet vs the “best” shoes. I am of the opinion you might have a tie here. Flip flops, like safety shoes have a direct purpose, and should be used accordingly. It is beneficial to rotate types and styles of shoes. I heard of guy who happened to be diabetic, ran across the parking lot to grab some important information from his truck. He was barefoot, Temp was 98 degrees, direct sun on asphalt parking lot. He was suffering from Neuropathy and did not recognize the extreme heat on his feet until it was too late. Sad, sad story, What I am trying to say is, a $1.00 pair of flip flops might have changed his life. On the other hand, cooking French fries or deep frying a turkey might require leather boots. Being safe and appropriate is imperative for those with diabetes. Your husband is lucky to have someone to look after him, and you are lucky to have a husband that communicates with you. Pushing buttons is often unavoidable! I mean it is the best way to get to the kiss and make up part!!! Ranch dressing is best with wings!!

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

Looking forward to you bringing your husband in for an adjustment, we will compare notes on the best area wings!

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