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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I had the best 4th of July ever! I went to this awesome pirate themed lake bar, and they had a great band playing. My friends and I were on the beach for a while, then when the band started playing the Irish party music, it was time to dance! Dancing and maybe an adult beverage or two and then I saw her!! Yowza!!! Pretty much perfect for me! A girl with just the right size bikini and mirror sunglasses…. We started dancing and went out to the beach to talk. My friends challenged us to chicken fights in the lake and …. Yeah, I am competitive. I am pretty sure it was the sand bottom or too much chicken, but my back feels like a grape that spent 2 weeks in the sun. Sunburned and all out of whack! Can you fix me? I have a real date with my sandy soul mate and it might mean more chicken fights!

Thank you, Sandy Chicken Fighter

Dear Sandy,

It seems you found real fireworks! Chicken fighting is an age-old sport known to be responsible for many marriages! When coupled with awesome music and patriotism chances are increased by 10 fold.

If I might offer a tip or two:

1- Inspect your fighters nails for sharpness prior to first match

2- Hydrate!!! Water does a body good!

3- Sunscreen! And not the spray stuff!!! Do not cheap out, get the good stuff!

Now, get in here for an adjustment, and I hope to get an invitation to the wedding!

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

P.S. The i-Berrys are one of my favorite bands too!

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