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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I have been watching your advice for a little while, and I think you can help me. Well, help me and “Also Me” I am starting to finally be an adult, one failed marriage, no real career, always looking for the next fun thing to do. The problem I recognized recently is there are 2 of me. Me that says I’m not drinking tonight, and also me that wakes up late for work with a horrible hangover. Me that promises I will never drive crazy again, and Also me going to court for my 3rd careless and imprudent driving ticket. Me thinking that 2 bundles of shingles up a 2-story ladder to the roof is not possible, Also Me showing off for the girl next door by carrying 3 up the same ladder. I know this sounds crazy, but I need an adjustment and hopefully I only have to pay for me and not Also Me? Will one adjustment help both of me? Can “Also Me” benefit from my adjustment? I want to be fair and I sure do not want to get something for nothing…

Please advise,

Me, and Also Me in Tuscumbia

Dear Me and Also Me,

It sounds like you are having growing pains also known as “growing up” We all experience growing pains in one form or another and I commend you for recognizing your situation. Alcohol and substance abuse can play an adverse roll in the growing pain phase of our lives and should be carefully addressed to prevent the often irreversible effect of our decisions. Keeping your body fit and keeping your physical health to a high standard can help with the mental fitness. There are many resources to help your situation and you and Also Me are not alone. I look forward to treating me and Also Me for one single rate.

Always here for you, Dr. Aaron

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