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Dear Dr. Aaron,

My headaches have become much less frequent with the combination of regular adjustments and cutting back on the caffeine, thank you! I have a question about a habit so annoying to my husband. I am chronically late. Late for work, late to pick up the kids, and you might have noticed late for my appointments. I really want to do better; do you think one of those smart watches might help? I get so focused on what I am doing, I lose track of time... not sure what to do, please help!

Thank you, Timeless in Kaiser

Dear Timeless,

It is great to hear your headache situation is improving! We all struggle with time management from time to time…. Becoming aware of it as an issue is the perfect first step. Your husband is lucky to have someone responsive to his concerns. I am not sure a smart watch is the answer, but we need to find out. Stop by the office and I will have a smartwatch waiting for you! Now this is not one of those $500 fancy units, but it will let you know if an alarm here and there might be best to get you on track to perfect punctuality! Looking forward to hearing a follow up report on how happy your hubby is!

Always here for you, Dr. Aaron

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