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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I did it!! I really did it! I stood up on a paddle board. Ok well, that was before it was in the water. I did try my best, and I almost stood up on the board out in the water. My legs were so shaky! It was like the first-time walking. I watched YouTube and it seemed pretty easy. Start on your knees and then just stand up! I would love to blame my lack of balance on the heat, or being out of adjustment or anything other than me just being un-coordinated, but I cannot. My question is if I resume regular adjustments will my balance improve? Will I conquer the paddle board? Will I be on my way to SUP perfection? If you fall and no one sees you, did you really fall?

Thank you, Unbalanced in Osage Beach

Dear Unbalanced,

Paddle boarding is fantastic fun and exercise! Balance is often affected by poor alignment, regular adjusts will help keep you from straining the “unused muscles” we often hear about. I myself attempted paddle boarding last weekend. I do not want to brag, but I stopped my fall in to the water with my face…. Getting out spending time with loved ones is so valuable, keeping yourself in tip top shape makes it even better! I am looking forward to comparing war stories about paddle board mishaps in your next appointments.

Always here for you, Dr. Aaron

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