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Dear Dr. Aaron,

Election Day! I was upper excited and planned on being the first voter in the door. The Universe had other plans. I woke up way too early and made coffee, and forgot to put coffee in the filter. While cursing and blaming the coffee maker for my error, I spilled the hot water on the floor. The hot water spill accidentally revealed how dingy looking my clean floor was. After real coffee and looking at the clean spots, it was more pressure than my OCD could take. Three hours later, a gleaming floor to be proud of!! Coffee maker for the win! I now remember why the floor was not as clean as I originally thought. My back and knees are screaming DUMMY!!! I was not the first voter, but I am confident my floor is as clean as any voter's floor out there. I am proud to be able to exercise my right to vote and I want to be able to stand upright to show it! Please help!

Thank you,

Voted now I can barely walk

Dear Voted,

We live in a great country where we can vote and even employ others to do the tasks that may be beyond our physical abilities. I am very happy you were still able to exercise your rights, and when you come in for your appointment, we will give you exercises to help you stand strong!

Always here for you. Dr. Aaron

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