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Dear Dr. Aaron,

Your advice always leaves me wanting more! I was very lucky to get to spend last weekend with my daughter, son, daughter-in law, her mom, sister and a whole bunch of little ones. It was a fantastic time- shopping, water park, the whole vacation experience packed in to a couple of days. Now I am home and my back is not right. Dull pain, stiff, uncomfortable. Maybe its from carrying grandbabies on my hip? I wouldn’t trade the experience and memories for anything, except maybe less pain. Can you help?

Thank You, Hurting Grandmamma

Dear Hurting,

Memories are so valuable and the little ones don’t even realize it yet. Spending time with family is an important component to our mental health. (I might drive my mom a little crazy at times!) Our core strength adapts to our everyday activities, and it seems logical your hurting could very well be a result of additional time spent carrying little ones. Vacation time usually include dietary choices a little different than normal and staying hydrated is always a challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing some of your vacation pictures at your next appointment.

Always here for you, Dr. Aaron

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