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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I love reading your advice, is there an archive someplace where I can read more? My problem is more of a rant really… We are new to the lake area and I enjoy looking at all the treasures for sale on marketplace. Do people really think saying they have something for sell is appropriate? Well, I enjoy looking and occasionally will purchase or attempt to purchase a “treasure” as a project or a novelty. I don’t look for specific items, just whatever might catch my eye. Last week while looking, I spotted a soda machine for sell…. Ugh, swallowing my frustration I sent a message in an attempt to set a time for viewing. The response was slow in coming..

me: is this available, and if so when can I come look at it?

Seller: yes, do you want it or not don’t want to waste time

Me: I think I want it, but need to see it in person first, is there a time that works best for you?

Seller: I do not know much about it- no keys- if there is money inside when you open it, you have to bring it back!!!

Me: When can I see it?

Seller: No one comes to my house, I will meet you

Me: time and place?

Seller: Do you want it? It’s a lot of work to load it up and I don’t wanna waste my time!!!

Me: ….. Yes I want it, meet me in Osage Beach in Lowes parking lot at 5 pm

Seller: I do not like Lowes

Me: Okay where would you like to meet?

Seller: Camdenton

Me: Okay where?

Seller: I don’t care

Me: Orscheln parking lot at 5 pm

Seller: I eat dinner at 5

Me: 6:30?

Seller: okay- are you sure you want it? I don’t take checks

Me: yes, I will see you at 6:30 Orscheln Parking lot

As painful as the 1 hour long conversation was, the suspense of meeting the seller in person was fantastic! I arrived 15 minutes early and waited.. at 6:30 on the dot I get a message

Seller: Still want it?

Me: yes, I'm here waiting

Seller: ok leaving now, be there in 30 minutes

Me: okay

So I wait, and wait, he finally arrives in a big diesel truck 10’ lift, nice guy, I pay him, he unstraps it and said there you go! I am by myself, this is like a big refrigerator, and his truck is a foot taller than mine. I asked if he could help? He said nope, and offered no explanation. Now I am mad and pulled the thing into my truck strapped it down and left. It has been 5 days; it is still in my truck because I can’t hardly move to unload it. My appointment is Friday, after my appointment maybe you could help me out and unload it for me?

Thank you, Nomoreforsellforme

Dear For Sell,

Buying treasures off the internet is kind of like internet dating, looks can be deceiving, and so can texts, messages and phone conversations! Saying it is for the adventurous is an understatement! I wish I had time to help all of my patients with their home chores, but unfortunately, I too have chores keeping me busy. The lake vernacular grows on you, it is endearing and you will come to love it! In the future look for clues like for sell to know whether or not the time spent is worth the gain. Soda machines are awesome, (online dating…?)

Always here for you, Dr. Aaron

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