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Dear Dr. Aaron,

My wife is obsessed with 2 things right now, reading your advice, and killing flies! I am not sure I need her to obsess over me. She was trying to read last weeks post and a pesky fly was trying to prevent her from enjoying it. She started chasing it with a rolled up newspaper. The fly obviously enjoyed the game and continued to pester her. I was trying to watch some crime tv and it became very annoying. She was yelling, I assumed it was at the fly, and then she started using words I haven’t heard since the Navy! My comments about the “poor fly” only seemed to make things worse. Two hours into the great fly hunt of 2022 she was red faced, looked like years in her eyes and she was having a hard time walking. In her efforts to exterminate her aggressor she did something to her back. Can we get an appointment on Friday?

Thank you,

Thankful for TV

Dear Thankful,

We all have our favorite pastimes and it is very annoying to be pestered. I may have likened to “A gnat at a barbecue” as a child. Your wife obviously has good taste! Looking forward to meeting you on Friday. Please remember we are moving to a new location soon! Website makeover is almost done! And it is nearly deer season… Life is Good!

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

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