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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I just started martial arts training and plan to be a ninja by the end of the year. I hope to stay healthy and look good in my black uniform. Can you offer any tips or warnings?

Dear Invincible in training,

According to BMJ Open Sport Exerc Med. 2019 Aug 12, “The most common sports associated with shoulder injuries were football, cycling, skiing and martial arts, but varied with age and gender.”

Most common shoulder injuries are slap lesions/tears, instability, rotator cuff tears

A couple of methods for decreasing shoulder injuries is to improve the strength and flexibility of the shoulder.

Once again just like the knee, the shoulder region stretching is important

“Proper stretching- will improve range of motion and the joint’s mobility.

Static stretches – Straight arms behind back Seated lean-back

Dynamic stretches – Arm swings

Shoulder strengthening Exercises

Seated barbell shoulder press or dumbbell press – focuses on anterior and medial deltoids, triceps brachii

Lateral shoulder raise – focuses on the deltoids

Lying barbell triceps extension and triceps pushdown – focuses on the triceps brachii”

Citation: Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning

Regular chiropractic treatment for the proper alignment of your bones, joints will allow the proper tension and stress on your muscle for them to react at their maximum potential.

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