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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I heard or saw someplace you are moving offices? Are you staying in town? I sure hope so… I was reading an interesting article on my phone about ants taking aphids as slave food producers. Its true! Anyway, I was reading while going down steps and thought I had one more step to go but I already arrived at the bottom. Short legged now, and hoping you aren’t closed for moving.

Thank you in advance,

Short Legged in Osage Beach

Dear Legged,

I too recently saw an article about those vicious ants, they sprayed something on the aphid so the wings were incapacitated and the aphids would remain on the same plant and continue to secrete sweet sustenance for the ants. Amazing world we live in! Yes, I am moving, but just down the street. I suspect there will be no disruption in schedule. Looking forward to comparing ant facts.

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

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