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Dear Dr. Aaron,

This has been a great summer! I think I spotted you at the Airshow in Camdenton? We really enjoyed the show but now our necks are killing us!!! Too much looking up and blocking the sun. Can my wife and I get appointments together? I noticed you have a new website; it looks fantastic! How many of those planes do you own? How long have you been a pilot? Will you fly us to Hawaii? When do you move offices? My wife is dictating these questions, she is very curious. I refuse to ask about the status of you and that pretty girl! Hope we get to see you soon!

Thank you,

Cricked neck in Camdenton

Dear Cricked,

Wearing awesome sunglasses does not make one a pilot!! But awesome sunglasses do help with not holding your hand up to shade the sun. We enjoyed the show and appreciate the efforts of all the hard work put in to make it such a great family event! I was excited to receive a 2022 Impact Award from, I love what they are doing! Please check out my favorite spots. To address a couple of your questions. I am a fully qualified pilot of paper airplanes; I received my qualifications when I was 7- paper folding came naturally…. Just kidding, all my paper planes crashed. We will get you two in back-to-back (pun intended) New web site: YES!! You can see all the Dear Dr. Aaron posts and you can subscribe to the blog.

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

P.S. A gentleman would never kiss and tell

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