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Dear Dr. Aaron,

Our daughter went off to college and made us empty nesters. It has been an interesting experience to say the least. We have been to two concerts out to eat, and maybe had a couple more adult beverages than usual. Las week I just didn’t feel like cooking and talked my hubby into taking me to supper on his motorcycle. When we were looking at the menu, I noticed the opportunity to get a Bahama Mama drink. 3 drinks later, I didn’t even care if I ate supper! It was so much fun, talking to everyone and just relaxing. When we prepared to leave, it is rumored I put my helmet on backwards… and I did not know the directions to home. I don’t think it is true… but after a short ride home and what I remember of the night, I think I slept well… but my neck and shoulders are very “tight” I’m not sure if a massage or an adjustment is in order? My hubby says a few more Bahama Mama’s are the answer. Please advise!!

Thank you!

Bahama Mama Lover

Dear Lost Mama,

Not being able to find the direction home might indicate the need to eat supper before drinking… It is great to hear you feel good about being an empty nester. Enjoy life and love those around you. It sounds like a massage from your husband before your adjustment is in order. Cover all your bases! I heard leaving a trail of breadcrumbs when you leave home might make it easier to get home.

Always here for you!

Dr. Aaron

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