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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I hope the holidays are treating you well! My family gathered at my brother’s beautiful home and had a fantastic time. My mother is sweet as pie, but slightly off in her memory. I am wondering if some of your super fantastic vitamin things might help her? I think it is just her memory, or maybe she is messing with my head? My mother made us tacos for the first time in her life, after claiming to have made them for us all the time as kids!! I would just chalk it up to one of her great tricks, but they tasted kind of familiar…. And delicious! I’m not sure which one of us has “old timers” but I am hoping we both might benefit from the vitamins.

Thank you,

Too Confused to taco bout’ it

Dear Too Confused,

Merry Christmas to you! I learned a long, long, time ago to always follow our mother’s lead. If mom makes cinnamon rolls, keep them for yourself and never share, or if she makes taco’s, eat them and don’t taco bout it!

Everyone benefits from a good vitamin intake, ask me on your next visit and we will get you remembering all the foods mom use to make!!

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

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