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Dear Dr. Aaron,

This new year has been unkind to my back! It snowed, rained, sleeted, or whatever you might call it, causing me to need a shovel. On arrival to the home improvement store, I stepped into a slush puddle. I may have let out a feminine scream.. I heard a short bit of laughter followed by another shrill scream and a whole bunch of expletives. I located the source and went to assist the poor fellow who found humor in my misfortune. He immediately apologized and accepted my assistance to get up from his slush puddle. He said he was going to see the Chiropractor in Osage Beach, Dr. Aaron. I asked if Aaron was the first of last name, he didn’t know but said you can fix anything! We laughed for minute or two and made our way in to the store. I went in for a shovel and came out with about 200.00 of stuff I didn’t know I needed. I’m looking forward to my appointment and loved catching up on your advice!

Word of mouth is best!

Slushbuddy in Osage Beach

Dear Slushbuddy,

We try our best to provide the best customer service, and love to hear people are referring us. Unfortunate situations bring out the good in some of us, and I am glad no one was seriously injured in your slush fun adventure!

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

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