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Dear Dr. Aaron

I am at my wit’s end! My husband is borderline anti-social, he claims he doesn’t like anyone. He heard there is a pub crawl and has used it as an excuse to drink every night. He is drinking and keeps wanting me to flash him for beads. I realized those were the beads we grabbed at the kid’s school carnival! I would be excited to attend the Pub Crawl, how can I be sure this isn’t a trick? Last time we had a planned outing he complained about his “back” being out at the last minute.

Hoping you can help,

I feel the need, the need for beads in Osage Beach

Dear Needy Beads,

Give your husband a little credit, he seems like he is trying to loosen up and have some fun. Schedule his and her appointments for adjustments to prep for Pub Crawl, and then for immediately after- take the excuses away and have fun!!

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

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