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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I am nervous about asking such personal questions in a public forum, but this seems like the best option. My husband and I both enjoy playing Pickleball. He more than me. When we play, he gets really sweaty, like icky sweaty. Is there a supplement or something available to make him less icky? I love him to pieces and I am not sure how to tell him without hurting his feelings..

Wanting less “ick” in Osage Beach

Dear Less Ick,

Sweating is natural when we exert energy, has he been checked by your regular doctor for any special circumstances? As far as hurting his feelings, well I am 100% positive he would rather know you find him icky so he can address the situation than find out when it is too late. Be positive, be kind, and I am sure he will appreciate your communication. There are many over the counter remedies as well as prescriptions available. My grand dad used to say, “you don’t go to a dentist to get your toe fixed!” in this case, “you don’t go to a chiropractor to get your ick fixed”.

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