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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I hope your summer has been more enjoyable than mine. My wife decided that “we” should lose some weight. By we she meant me.. She does the shopping and cooking and at first it was ok, you know just same food but smaller portions. Then the big day came when she watched me weigh-in, I am pretty sure the scale read “To Be Continued!” she was in disbelief, I actually gained a pound!! I was ready to go back to my regular way of eating, but she took this weight-loss as a challenge. It has been miserable!! She bought Faba-Butter….. never having heard of Faba Butter I actually read the label- FabaButter is made from chickpea liquid, coconut cream, sunflower oil, and nutritional yeast. I like my peas with lots of real butter! Oh my goodness, how is a guy supposed to mow the yard with Faba Butter in his system? Now my back is all out of whack! I am convinced it’s my diet, my wife says I need a Chiropractor. Before I try chiropractic treatment, I gotta find someone not on the Faba Anything train! Dr. Aaron do you eat Faba Butter?

Wannabe FabaFree in Osage Beach

Dear Wannabe,

I must say this is a first! I have had patients that said - I wannabe rich, I wannabe famous, I wannabe skinny, I wannabe healthy, I wannabe pain free. You are the first to ever say I wannbe FabaFree. I have not tried FabaButter, I am willing to try most things once! Even jumping out of a good airplane, and I may like it! Do you think it would pair well with a big baked potato? You are lucky your wife cares enough to aid you in your weight loss journey, maybe buy her a big bag of M&M’s and put them in a fancy container to say thank you! (she will not know how many you tasted during the gift wrap operation!! Come in for an adjustment and tell me more about your FabaButter experience.

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

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