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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I made my dream of owning a classic muscle machine a reality by purchasing a 2007 Corvette. It did not come with a warning about how my back might feel after shifting gears and snapping my neck…. Are there specific stretches or exercises one might do to make driving this thing easier on my body?

Thank you in advance, Shifting for Speed,

Dear Speed Shifter,

There are many inherent risks with your situation. Besides the obvious strain on your neck and back, the possibilities of unwanted advances from those who seek to separate you from your riches. I strongly advise you to purchase a fuel friendly econo-type car. Drive it to and from your appointments- you know, be environmentally friendly... I will take care of the Corvette for you, I will exercise it weekly and ensure it stays ready for when you are able to fend off the offensive..

Dr Aaron is always here for his patients!

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