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Dear Dr. Aaron,

I will thank you in advance for listening. My husband is a few years older than me and lately he has had a difficult time ….. um uh, I’m not exactly sure how to put this… we will be getting read to go and… yeah, I do not want to embarrass him. We made an appointment for next week, maybe you can talk to him? Maybe explain to him, having a truck with big wheels and tires doesn’t make you young! If he drove a car, it would be easier to get in and out!

Tired of waiting for the “Truck Guy”

Dear Tired,

It is completely normal for one spouse to wait on the other for a multitude of reasons. Climbing up in a truck makes me feel safe and it may do the same for him. Joe Diffie said “if it weren't for trucks we wouldn't have tailgates!” Patience, compassion, and understanding go a long way in a relationship. I will see if we can figure out what might be contributing to his trouble climbing.

Thank you for caring!!

Dr. A

P.S. I love tailgates…

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