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Dear Dr. Aaron,

Your tips are helping me feel better about my children playing sports. The exercises and stretching seems to agree with my children and I might even sneak a few stretches with them. One of my concerns is their head, how do I tell them to stretch their head?

Thank you,

Head Over Shoulders

Dear Head Over,

The head, melon, nut, gourd, brain bucket, grape, dome- whatever euphemism is being used for it in the sport your children are involved in is an area of great concern. Coaches do their best to protect their players, but as parents we have the responsibility to keep them healthy. Attention to proper technique is a top priority. Core and neuromuscular condition to prevent falls. Avoidance of overtraining. Providing adequate rest and recovery are essential for pediatric and adolescent athletes. Use a HELMET when appropriate!!! Protect that dome!!! Don’t let the grape get sunburned! Do not fall and bust your wig!

It is all the same, protect the head and stay healthy!!

Neck stretching exercises

Static – Looking right and left which will stretch the sternocleidomastoid

Flexion and extension which affects the sternocleidomastoid, suboccipitals and splenae (Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning)

Neck strengthening exercises

Deep neck flexors - Craniocervical Flexion with Cervical Flexion Chin tucks Prone rows

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