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Dear Dr. Aaron,

We have a big dog, a big Chocolate lab that is a little bit spoiled. This morning I let him out to do his business and started cooking his breakfast. In about three minutes I heard a ruckus and saw a blur heading towards the shed. Upon further investigation, Max (my lab) chased something to the shed. I gave in, put my shoes on and headed to the shed, temporarily secured Max to a rope tied to a concrete block. I opened the shed without any trouble and there it was, a cute little kitten looking scared. I tried to grab it and quickly found out the kitten was a skunk! Max was eager to get away, and started dragging the block. I grabbed the block and Max really pulled hard at the same time, I fell over the block and landed in what I think was mud! Whatever it was, broke my fall, kind of.. Max was barking, poor little skunk was scared, and I really stink! I know I need an adjustment, but it is embarrassing to go anywhere smelling like this. The internet said to use tomato juice and alcohol, I drank all I had, it didn’t touch the odor! How long before I can come see you?

Thank you in advance for your help! Stinky in Sunrise Beach

Dear Stinky,

There is a reason I am a dog person! Trusting a kitten will get you every time. Poor Max! He must be miserable hanging out with a stinky parent! The internet is a veritable smorgasbord of information, it is easy to misunderstand instructions. I read bathing in the tomato juice helps more than drinking it with alcohol, but I am not an authority on skunk smell resolution. Your health is most important to me, call the office and we will get you in as the last appointment of the day, and see if we can get you feeling better. It would be best to leave Max and your new kitten at home!

Always here for you!

Dr. Aaron

P.S. What are you feeding the new kitten?

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