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Dear Dr. Aaron,

Are you open during deer season? My wife thinks it is ridiculous for me to sit in the woods in the cold and then complain about my back hurting. My plan is to come in for an adjustment and have Slumberland furniture deliver a nice comfy recliner to my secret deer hunting location. Nice and quiet, comfortable, and my kids gifted me a camo blanket last year!! All a bonus! So, if you are open, I need an appointment!

Thank you,

Annoyed in Osage Beach

Dear Annoyed,

I hate to be the one to spoil surprises, and I may be wrong, a delightful lady called yesterday to make an appointment for her dear husband. It seems the poor fellow had been out in the cold and his back was hurting. She was so thoughtful, she said she had just left Slumberland Furniture and they were delivering all new living room furniture and said they would take the old recliner back to the edge of the woods where her husbands “secret” hunting spot is. I think your appointment is at 2..

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

P.S. please stop and see the new office!!

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