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Dear Dr. Aaron,

Long time follower, new at asking questions! Is it possible for people to tell the weather by the achiness of their joints? My grandpa swears he knows when it is going to rain, and I never know if he is just telling grandpa stories or he is being for real. He complains about his back constantly and is worried he is going to be required to visit 13 times in 14 days and will have to get x-rays and the list goes on, Im thinking he would have great benefit from chiropractic care.

Thank you for listening,

Grandpa’s listening post in Camdenton

Dear Post,

Thank you for your questions!! I learned a long, long, time ago to respect my elders! If grandpa said its going to rain, I’m wearing a raincoat. I believe the accuracy of people in grandpas’ category (wise men) are equally as accurate predicting the weather as modern-day meteorologists! I would love for you to bring Grandpa by for a visit, if we determine an adjustment is appropriate, he can make the decision at that time. An evaluation is the only way to know for sure the best way forward. I do not have a set number each patient must visit; I work with my patients to get them feeling their best!

Stay cool! Drink water, and remember deer season is just around the corner!

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

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