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Dear Dr. Aaron

This is a strange question. My grandfather does not believe wearing skinny jeans helps your posture! I saw it on the internet, in an ad for said skinny jeans! Grandpa said a dud who wears skinny jeans is not even a dude! The Geisha girls bound their feet to keep them from growing, some indigenous tribes stretched their necks, skinny jeans surely have an effect on one’s body, right?

Thank you in advance for helping me prove gramps wrong!

Skinnyjeans for life in Osage Beach

Dear Skinnyjeans,

Respect for our elders is very important. Especially when they are absolutely correct!

Get yourself a pair of overralls, (one of my patients calls them farmeralls) and start living life! I will not go into all of the reasons skinny jeans are not the best attire from a health stand point, listen to your very wise grandfather!

Always here for you,

Dr Aaron

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