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Dear Dr. Aaron

I started the year off with a big bang! I made a resolution to get in shape. In my mind I was just a little soft and it would be more of an event than a process. I hit the gym and lifted way too heavy, then the next day I ran about 4 miles, it felt great!! Then Wednesday came and it all started to hurt, like really hurt…. I knew I was a little soft, but my thighs rubbing together caused a hotspot and well… not pleasant to say the least! I think I better get myself right before I start this next round, can you help?

Thanks in advance,

Thighs are on fire in Eldon

Dear Fiery Thighs,

I applaud your recognition to get in better shape, remembering it is a process is sometimes difficult. Make an appointment and we will try to help you get set up for success!

(spandex Shorts are awesome!)

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

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