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Dear Dr. Aaron,

Some people refer to us as a blended family, my husband is an Eagles fan and I love real football so I am a CHIEFS fan. With the big game ahead he has been really giving me grief about my life choices (Chiefs Jerseys) so the only thing a girl can do when feeling attacked is go on the offensive (might be a Jalen Hurts quote) I am looking for ideas to get even without physically hurting him. Your audience seems so authentic, I know they are Chiefs fans!

Please Help!

Thank you,

Married to an Eaglet

Dear Eaglet wife,

It seems like he must have kept his poor choice of teams a secret prior to marriage? I am glad you are sticking up for yourself!! We are Chiefs fans and don’t discriminate against those who have not matured to our level yet. Be patient! But I LOOK FORWARD TO READING SUGGESTIONS FROM OUR READERS….

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron


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