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Dear Dr. Aaron,

Being a medical professional, I am sure you can solve this dispute between my husband and I. It started last week while I was working in my garden, I asked for him to help me move some heavy bags of fertilizer. He helped and later found two ticks on his legs. He is stubborn beyond belief and no longer trusts me with tweezers (an eyebrow incident 5 years ago) He spent so long twisted trying to get the ticks out he is in horrible pain. I don’t want him hurting, but it kind of serves him right! I could of had those things out in a few seconds! Anyway, this started a discussion about ticks. My super smart husband believes ticks to be the origin of the vampire lore. “Ticks attach to you and suck your blood, it is as obvious as day and night’ he keeps saying. Now he is saying the tick bites are causing his back pain and stiffness. Can you help him before he turns into a tick? Should I wear a garlic necklace? Carry a wooden stake?

Thank you,

Out of silver bullets in Brumley

Dear Silver-less,

Put down the wooden stake, throw the garlic on a steak, pick up the phone and make an appointment! Your Hubby makes some valid points and certainly worth consideration. Tick borne sickness is serious. Keep an eye on those bites. Many of my customers have replenished their supply of silver bullets lately….. oops another response for another question!

Always here for you,

Dr. Aaron

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