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Dear Dr. Aaron,

My fiancée and I love to hike trails and woods all around the lake. He is always in a hurry to get out and get moving, sometimes my sandals or my flip flops make it difficult to keep up. Last week my feet and ankles were hurting badly from a short 1.5 mile trek over Rocky Top Trail. What advice can you provide for wanna-be trekker?

Thank you in advance,

Rocky Top Trail Trekker

Dear Rocky Top Trail Trekker,

I also love Rocky Top Trail!! A fantastic location to walk, run, or just enjoy nature. Preparation is the key to staying healthy and the most fulfillment when out adventuring. I have provided a brief outline of general preparation activities from Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning

To have a personal plan developed, make an appointment today.

Foot and ankle

1. Proper footwear for the activity you are doing

2. Stretching before activity

Static stretches

Wall and step stretch stretches help focus on stretching the gastrocnemius, soleus and Achilles tendon

Dynamic stretches

Heel – to – toe walk stretch focuses on stretching the gastrocnemius, soleus and anterior tibialis

3. Maintain exceptional balance and stability

Ex: Balance on one foot, balance on one foot with eyes closed

4. Lower extremity strengthening exercises

Ex: Seat calf heel raise or standing calf heel raise (machine)

5. Regular chiropractic treatment for the proper alignment of your bones, joints will allow the proper tension and stress on your muscle for them to react at their maximum potential.

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